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DeDe - DEbug & DEvelopment Shield for Arduinos & Compatibles

The shield of shields! DeDe lets you see what your Arduino UNO

or nearly ANY board with a compatible footprint is doing at a glance!

green breadboard - color corrected.jpg



  • Quickly see the logic state of any GPIO pin with bright red and green LEDs - even pulses as short as 1mS can be seen!

  • Rapidly prototype with the included breadboard!

  • Easily dig deeper by connecting test equipment to any GPIO pin, the breakout headers make it easy!  You can connect:

    • A DMM to measure voltages

    • An oscilloscope to view waveforms

    • A protocol analyzer to decode SPI/I2C/UART communications

    • A function generator to drive signals into the circuit

    • A counter/timer to measure timing

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